About Us

Moville and District Family Resource Centre supports families and individuals in the Inishowen peninsula of County Donegal. The centre helps people maintain a healthy life style by promoting good physical and mental health.

Family Resource Centres are located within a community-based model of family support and this model is at the heart of the Programme. The centrality of community development in informing the approaches, values and methods underpinning the work of Family Resource Centres is a defining feature of their contribution.

A further defining characteristic of Family Resource Centres is that they are managed by local voluntary management committees, which are critical in facilitating meaningful participation within communities and in ensuring local knowledge and accountability. Family Resource Centres have an open door policy.

A central feature of the Family Resource Centres programme is the involvement of local people in identifying needs and developing needs-led responses. Family Resource Centres are participative and empowering organisations that support families while building the capacity and leadership of local communities. Family Resource Centres provide a range of universal and targeted services and development opportunities that address the needs of families.





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